Our CAD Process

Our leading, simple, and quick services conversion services have built our reputation as one of the leading CAD Drafting and Conversion Service companies in the US.  Our customers save big while receiving quality, precise and ready-to-use drawings.

Our Trusted Approach

From start to finish, we’ve built a reputation with our innovative, painless and immediate conversion services. We simplify your workload with a convenient process that results in high-quality, accurate, and ready-to-use drawings.  

We are the go to drafting company for your CAD Drafting needs!

Our Trusted Approach

Step 01: Reach out to TO US!
First, make contact with Paper CAD Conversion. We are available seven days a week via phone or email.  

Step 02: You send us your source files. Send us your PDF, JPEG, or TIFF files via email, or transfer them via FTP. 

Step 03: We calculate the cost and time.
Your CAD Account Manager will review all requirements and provide an exact price estimate and scheduled turnaround time for your project.

Cost is dependent on the volume, format, and density of the source files (we apply a discount for multiple drawings). Our standard prices include the minimum requirements set by AIA, but we can also meet any of your own requirements.
Typically, we can begin within one day of delivery.

Step 04: You approve 
You’ve given your approval, and we’re ready to move forward! The transition to digital CAD commences.

Step 05: We prepare your documents.
We modify the original drawing by correcting its crookedness, speckling, and blurriness. This step combines manual and automatic procedures.

The source drawing is then superimposed and manually redrawn. Here, our quality surpasses that of any software. No convert-to-CAD software is capable of producing permit-ready, precise drawings.

We make sure that all entities are shown the way they’re supposed to be, and we use your client-specific requirements and layers if you want us to, or else we’ll use AIA standards by default.

Step 08: For better quality control, we convert hand-drawn drawings into CAD.
The drawing is now transferred to the Hand Drawings to CAD Quality Assurance department. This is where Hand Drawings To CAD stands out: a team of quality assurance specialists examines your drawings. completed by a separate team, rather than the same team responsible for drafting. We have quality control down pat!

Step 09: We authorize. Our exceptional production managers examine and confirm that your drawings are complete. Ready, set, go! Now is the time to give a thumbs up.

WE DELIVER IN STEP 10: Our knowledgeable CAD Account Manager (who assists you throughout the project) delivers the converted drawing. You now have an AutoCAD file that is fully editable. In addition to the CAD file, you will also receive a PDF containing all sheets, saving you time.

Step 11: Payment 
After achieving complete customer satisfaction, payment is collecte

Who are the clients that Paper CAD Conversion services serve?

You are our client if you handle, view, or otherwise interact with engineering or architectural drawings, we are ready to go to start helping you save money.


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