Conversion Process

Paper CAD Conversion Services has a well-defined standard method for managing new and ongoing projects. This makes sure that we always keep a high level of productivity and quality.


The client has inquired about the services and requirements they require.

If the client wants, we will give them a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect the privacy of any documents they give us.

Estimators will review all client-provided documents, including blueprints, specifications, and standards.

Next, we will send the client an accurate quote.

Once approved, the project manager will discuss all client-required information and specifications with the team leader, lead engineer, or architect.

The team leader will assign work to the members of the project team. Thus, the production rate will increase, allowing us to meet the deadline early.

Members of Quality Control will now check the output for mistakes and to see if it meets the project’s standards and specifications.

After quality control has approved the work, the project manager will inspect it. If content, the project manager will deliver the work to the client.